Cool Jobs

Tool Designer

The Tool Designer creates the designs for tools which are used in manufacturing of products. These tools may take the form of fixtures used for holding, locating and indexing of workpieces for manufacturing operations such as milling, drilling or grinding, or they may be bending and forming tools for shaping of sheet metal and plate.

The Tool Designer must analyze the part print or drawing and the process routing to determine the requirements of each tool. The Tool Designer must analyze the features of the equipment with which the tool will be used in order to design the tool to properly fit into and function with the equipment.

The Tool Designer must have knowledge of steels and other tooling materials in order to specify the correct material for construction of the tool, and proper hardness and finish specifications. The Tool Designer have knowledge of manufacturing processes in order to design the tool for economic manufacture.

The Tool Designer will work as a member of a team to ensure that the completed tools will have features which are suited to the requirements of those who will be using them, and which allow for accurate, efficient, safe operation.

The Tool Designer must have skills in blueprint reading, math, sciences, computer operation, CAD, and communication, both print and verbal.

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