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The Gunsmith is a skilled professional who works with firearms including rifles, pistols, revolvers, and shotguns, to meet the requirements of his/her customers. The work requires skills in metal working and wood working. The gunsmith may be called upon to build custom firearms, to perform repairs, restoration, adjustments, engrave metal, fit gunstocks, checker and carve wooden stocks, improve accuracy and functional reliability of firearms, add accessories, reline and replace barrels, and perform modifications according to customer requirements. Some gunsmiths specialize in only one type of firearm or one particular type of work, such as rifle or pistol accuracy.

The Gunsmith must have good mechanical aptitude and knowledge of firearms, and must be skilled in the use of machine tools such as the lathe and milling machine, various accessories for the lathe and mill such as chucks, steady rests, tailstock centers, dividing heads, rotary tables, vises and fixtures, must be skilled in use of various specialized hand tools, cutting tools and measuring and gaging equipment. The gunsmith must have good communication skills to be able to work with the customer in meeting his needs. The gunsmith must possess the metal and wood working skills, hand/eye coordination, patience and personal qualities necessary to perform exacting detailed work to very high aesthetic standards, as well as to the required level of precision.

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